Customized Workplace Policies

Learning to bridge these gaps and understand each other can have maximum benefits to company culture, employee retention and ultimately your business’s bottom line. On Demand will assist you every step of the way in the creation and development of your customized workplace policies.

Workforce Development Training
Cultural Diversity/Sensitivity
Customer Service Skills
Smoking Cessation
DFSP Employee/Supervisor
DOT Supervisor training
Drug & Alcohol Testing
Workplace Violence Training
Conflict Resolution
Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Supervisors
Communication Skills
Business Etiquette
Leadership & Management Skill Building
Interpersonal Skills
Time Management
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Workplace Harassment
ADA Compliance
Multigenerational Workforce
Employee Engagement and Team Building
*Others upon request

Trainings are customized to fit needs of your business, seminar or group